The Lancaster line of patented high performance chokes are capable of operating at up to 90% LESS torque at 10,000 psig than some of the commodity chokes you may now be using. Our equipment is able to easily comply with API Specification 6A, to PR2 requirements, with little, if any, increase in stem operating torque. This provides you with the most user friendly manually operated equipment you can buy and simplifies your life when it comes to automation. To automate our choke, simply remove the small operating lever and attach a small, 17-pound (23 pounds with the full mounting kit) electric actuator to our top works, even while the choke is throttling and under pressure! Change from needle style trim to cage style trim by only exchanging three components, namely the stem, seat assembly, and the stainless steel position indicator. For all of our additional features, please download our brochure.

Control Valves

Lancaster Flow Automation, LLC is also pleased to offer our new control valve technology. Featuring our cutting edge multi-stage designs, our valve offers you innovative solutions to your more challenging flow control applications. This new technology may even be retrofitted to our existing choke assemblies with ease.

Retrofit Kits

Lancaster Flow Automation leads the industry in versatility. Our unique design has allowed us to develop a series of “retro-fit” kits that give you, our customer, a greater amount of flexibility when it comes to controlling your wells.
We have the technology to adapt many versions of “conventional” (H2, JWA) chokes into actuated chokes. We are able to employ our low torque bonnet assemblies so that you can leave your existing choke body in line and only need to replace the top works. This will save you time and money and still allow you to upgrade the capability of your existing choke.


Don’t be forced into using large stepping actuators to operate your choke. Using our chokes, you have the freedom to get away from unfriendly, expensive and bulky pneumatic diaphragm or stepping actuators. Our line of chokes can be operated at 15,000 psig with a small electrically powered (24vDC/110AC/220AC) actuator. When operating with 24vDC, our chokes can work onshore or offshore using only a small battery pack and solar array for power. This gives you unparalleled freedom and reliability when it comes to flow control in remote locations.

Drilling Chokes

Our line of high performance drilling chokes was designed with ease of operation and convenient service in mind. Our unique compact actuator means field service and trim replacements may be performed quickly and safely while minimizing down time. We offer our drilling chokes in 10,000, 15,000, and 20,000 psig working pressures and provide the necessary metallurgy on all of our wetted components for sour gas service. All drilling chokes have long life positive shut-off trim designs which utilize tungsten carbide (or better) trim components. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can improve your drilling, flow back, or well fracturing operations.